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MAPS East and West high schools announce Jack of Hearts and Snow Week candidates

Mankato Area Public Schools' East and West high schools announce their Jack of Hearts and Snow Week candidates and coronation times on Friday, February 16:

East High School, 2600 Hoffman Road
Jack of Hearts, coronation is 1:35 p.m. in school gym

King candidates

  • Jake Anderson escorted by Olivia Rivers
  • Jack Cusey escorted by Maggie Enright
  • Reid Gruenes escorted by Mackenzie Gleason
  • Kawika Hashimoto escorted by Annie Miles
  • Damani Hayes escorted by Abby Dressen
  • Ben Ziegler escorted by Tage Wrage

Honor guards

  • Sammy Bruggeman
  • Rachel Clennon
  • Britney Dodge
  • Ella Gavin
  • Friday Gora
  • Josie Frederickson
  • Maya Mukamuri
  • Grace Oberle
  • Marissa Starkey
  • Jenny Vetter

West High School, 1351 South Riverfront Drive
Snow Week, coronation is 2:50 p.m. in school auditorium

King candidates:

  • Kyle Liebl escorted by Nyabahn Jock
  • Zach Jakes escorted by Cait Flannery
  • Henry Claussen escorted by Hannah Patenaude
  • Neal Anderson escorted by Briggs Carlson
  • Andrew Christiansen escorted by Aliyah Dawkins

For more information, contact East High School staff at 507-387-5671; or West High School staff at 507-387-3461.

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