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Register for Mankato Area Public Schools' fall kindergarten registration

Register for Mankato Area Public Schools' kindergarten for fall 2018 beginning Monday (January 15) through Friday, February 16. Registration is held between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at Central Registration, Intergovernmental Center (first floor), 10 Civic Center Plaza, Mankato for the following Mankato Area Public Schools:

  • Bridges Community School, Mankato
  • Eagle Lake Elementary School, Eagle Lake
  • Hoover Elementary School, North Mankato
  • Kennedy Elementary School, Mankato
  • Roosevelt Elementary School, Mankato
  • Franklin Elementary School, Mankato
  • Jefferson Elementary School, Mankato
  • Monroe Elementary School, North Mankato
  • Rosa Parks Elementary School, Mankato
  • Washington Elementary School, Mankato

For more information about kindergarten registration, contact staff at 507-207-4037.

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