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Results are in for Mankato Area Public Schools citizen and business satisfaction surveys and news is good
Results are in for the city of Mankato and Mankato Area Public Schools' joint citizen and business satisfaction surveys, and the news is good. Overall, participants consistently selected "excellent" or "good" in response to the questions, including quality of life and specifically--economy, as a place to raise children, education, living and working in Mankato and leadership.

Survey results for both the City of Mankato and Mankato Area Public Schools trended positively.  Citizens indicated a strong sense of personal safety, and Mankato saw gains in how residents rate storm drainage.  Respondents are pleased with Mankato Area Public Schools' performance on providing a quality education and being fiscally responsible.  The survey indicated that although ratings are favorable--there should be a continued emphasis on priorities of safety, economy, education and enrichment.

Survey instruments are designed to capture residents' and businesses' opinions within three pillars of a community--community characteristics, governance and participation--across eight central facets--safety, mobility, natural environment, built environment, economy, recreation and wellness, education and enrichment and community engagement. Exceptionally high ratings went to economy, mobility and participation.  Community livability ratings generally continue to be strong.

"Mankato's high ratings are a reflection of City Council leadership and stewardship of tax dollars and a commitment to customer service," said City Manager Patrick Hentges.  "Survey results will serve as a foundation for a series of community focus groups culminating in a City Council retreat for the purposes of creating Mankato's new five-year strategic plan."

Mankato Area Public Schools' continued their high ratings, an achievement the district has consistently earned. The survey also assessed communication efforts, district learning environments, fiscal responsibility and the tax support level.
"Students and families are central to our work.  Citizen and business feedback is important in the spirit of continuous improvement," said Superintendent Sheri Allen.  "The district will use the results as we move forward."

The City of Mankato and Mankato Area Public Schools have traditionally asked people they serve what they think about city and district services--an effort that dates back to 1989. An opt-in survey provided expanded input from Mankato residents; and residents of the broader area encompassed by the Mankato Area Public Schools were also part of the survey.  View 2017 Mankato Area Public Schools' results, citizen and business satisfaction survey results.

The National Research Center, Inc. conducted surveys by mail and online.  Their surveys and its administration are standardized to assure high quality research methods and directly comparable results in cities across the country. 

For more information contact public information staff for the city of Mankato and Mankato Area Public Schools at 507-387-8516.
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