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Mankato Area Public Schools' high schools announce Jack of Hearts and Snow Week royalty

Mankato Area Public Schools' East and West high schools announce their Jack of Hearts and Snow Week candidates and coronation times on Friday, February 17:

East High School, 2600 Hoffman Road
Jack of Hearts, coronation is 1:35 p.m., in school gym

King candidates:

  • Desmond Bassett escorted by Maddie Ahrens
  • Jacob Baynes escorted by Elise Braswell
  • Bill Busuri escorted by Morgan Anderson
  • Dominick Nussmeier escorted by Torey Richards
  • Bryce Plagman escorted by Grace Bromenschenkel
  • Nathan Scruggs escorted by Elora Greiner

Honor guards:

  • Nashaya Bartolo
  • Emma Baynes
  • Ivy Glade
  • Taylor Hansen
  • Lucy Harff
  • Bella Klabough
  • Nyasabit Makuach
  • Lea Orth
  • Lynsey Rohlfing
  • Kylie Weckwerth

West High School, 1351 South Riverfront Drive
Snow Week, coronation is 2:40 p.m. in school auditorium

King candidates:
  • Logan Conley escorted by Noelle Younge
  • James Dahlvang escorted by Erica Benson
  • Peter Haley escorted by Rachel Phinney
  • Zach Svir escorted by Lillian Maes
  • Charles Terry escorted by Lexi Wolf
For more information, contact East High School staff at 507-387-5671; or West High School staff at 507-387-3461.