iLearn77 Family Information 

Collage of students using technology

What is iLearn77 1:1?

The 1:1 learning environment (one computing device for each student at all times) is the model for technology that will best support 21st century teaching and learning. Personal computing devices will be the norm at all levels of education for our children’s future and our district must prepare students to make intelligent use of them. Technology, when used well, is a tool that can greatly enhance teaching and learning by:

  • Allowing students to be more engaged in their learning by solving problems, completing projects, demonstrating their learning, gaining information, and learning how to be a literate user of the Internet.

  • Provide immediate and continuous access to information and learning opportunities.

  • Allow teachers to respond to questions, discussions and teachable moments immediately instead of trying to anticipate the need and scheduling time to go to a lab.

  • Allow teachers to personalize instruction by providing access to information according to ability and interests of each student

Facilitate positive collaborative communications centered around educational goals among students.


What do families need to know and do?

Every parent/guardian of a child participating in the iLearn77 initiative must review this Family Handbook and the forms listed below.  Forms will be completed during the online registration process through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal beginning in August.

Contact: Dale Engman