What is Futures?

Futures staff believe in creating a safe environment for all people, allowing them to be respected, challenged, and supported to do the best they can and reach their fullest potential.  Futures is a K-12 school, focusing on building social and emotional skills for students with Individual Education Plans (IEP).  The school works closely with families, home schools, and community support to foster a culture of learning and high expectations for students.  The goal of the program is for students to graduate from the program by attending classes at their home school.

How does a student attend Futures?

Students are referred by their IEP team and the referral is facilitated by the child’s case manager.  Students must demonstrate a need for a structured, small group environment outside of the home school.  The IEP team will consult with Futures’ staff on the appropriateness of the program for the specific student and the team will decide on the best environment based on the needs.

What type of behavior and social skills programming is taught?

In the summer of 2014 Futures adopted the Boys Town Education Model (BTEM).  This model has a solid research base for a diverse student populations in need of emotional and behavioral skills teaching.  BTEM is made up of four components - the Social Skills Curriculum, Teaching Interactions, the motivation system, and Administrative Intervention. It combines skill-based teaching with care and concern, resulting in improvements in students’ behavior, self-esteem, and relationships with others. The students’ behavior is monitored individually on a daily basis.

Is there a motivation system?

The Boys Town Education Model uses a positive motivation system to help support students in accessing the academic and skill curriculum. Students are required to carry their own Daily Point cards.  Students are praised for their positive behavior, resulting in positive points.  Students also are penalized for their negative behavior, resulting in negative points.  Students begin working on basic social skills such as following directions and asking permission at the Daily Points level. The next level is Progress, where they continue to work on more advanced skills such as handling disappointment.  The final level is Merit, where students consistently demonstrate appropriate behaviors and the motivation system is slowly withdrawn.
What is the referral process?
Referrals should take place through the IEP case manager. Please call Jill Mueller for information on the referral process.