Strategic Plan

Mankato Area Public School is committed to providing an excellent educational experience to all students enrolled in the district.  The quality of our facilities, playgrounds and athletic fields are integral components for all students to advance academically. To insure this commitment district administration will support facility management processes and activities that promote a safe, healthy and welcoming environment for all students, staff and community members that enter our facilities.

The district also understands the responsibility of managing one of the community’s largest capital investments.  Mankato Area Public Schools owns and manages 1,500,000 square feet of facilities located on 239 acres in and around the Mankato area.   This plan is to help ensure proper stewardship of these community assets.

This annual report has been created to achieve the following goals.

  • Provide a comprehensive look at the operations of the Facility Department including inventory of the facilities, capital assets and facilities management practices that are in place in the district.
  • Serve as a foundation of data to proactively plan for future facilities needs.
  • Allow for an annual examination of the mission and goals of the department and insure they are integrated with the mission and goals of the district.
  • Serve as a communication tool to be shared with the administration, staff, students and community.
  • Provide an annual financial review of the operations of the department insuring efficiency and effective use of district resources.

The Strategic Facilities Plan will be updated every three years with the most current information available to the department staff.

Strategic Plan

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