Service Model

Image of 2 students reading
Image of students reading at Franklin Elementary School
English Learner (EL) staff members provide a balanced program of instruction for students using specific strategies and best practices. Instruction is focused on language learning and acquisition, which will allow students to be successful in all content areas. The students may be in a pull-out model, push-in model, a combination of both, or co-teaching model. In any model, the English Learner teacher may work one-on-one or with small groups of students who have similar needs. Students can also qualify for other building services such as Title I, Assurance of Mastery, Talent Development, and other interventions that may be available. The English Learner teacher works closely with the classroom teachers and other building professionals to provide the most effective service for the student. The student’s progress is reviewed on a regular basis and adjustments are made as needed.

High School - Newcomers to Graduation Courses
Amount and Scope of EL Service K-12

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