Image of 6 Students collaborating around a table
Image of students collaborating at Mankato East High School

Support academic language development and academic achievement for English learners through quality and research-based curriculum, instruction, professional development, and parent involvement.


Students will be able to:

  • Acquire language, comprehend, and interpret meaning and respond appropriately in basic interpersonal and academic contexts.

  • Speak for a variety of basic interpersonal and academic purposes, with fluency, using appropriate vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and nonverbal communication strategies.

  • Acquire language and comprehend, analyze, interpret, and evaluate a variety of literary and informational texts.

  • Develop literacy skills and academic behaviors for successful participation in English Learner Service and content classes.

  • Write for a variety of interpersonal and academic purposes with fluency, using appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and Standard English writing conventions.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of institutions and customs of the United States in order to interact appropriately in social and academic situations.

  • Demonstrate rigorous learning beyond minimum requirements, such as participation and achievement in higher-level courses.

Contact: Melanie Helling