Employee Health Promotions
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Employee Health Promotions (EHP) was created to improve the health and quality of life of MAPS employees. This, in turn, will help to improve the academic achievement of our students.

Mankato Area Public Schools employs approximately 2400 individuals. EHP aims to provide a wellness service for each and every one.

EHP is managed by Community Education and Recreation and the Food Services Departments. In addition, each MAPS site has an EHP representative. These are the wellness leaders for their building. They are responsible for the dissemination of EHP information, organizing wellness events or classes, supporting participation in district-coordinated events and rewarding site employees in achieving wellness goals.

The elements of our employee wellness program include the following:

  • Health education and health-promoting activities that focus on skill development and lifestyle behavior improvements.
  • Supportive social and physical environments that promote health and reduce the risk of disease.
  • Integration of the worksite program into the school structure.
  • Employee assistance programs to help employees balance work and family life.
  • Worksite screening programs
  • An evaluation and improvement process to help enhance the program’s effectiveness and efficiency.

MAPS staff receive monthly EHP Newsletters highlighting ongoing or future events.

EHP welcomes feedback. If you have questions, concerns, comments or ideas, please share them! You can provide feedback here