Paraprofessionals who are members of the MSEA bargaining unit are provided with the opportunity to participate in up to eight hours of paid professional development outside of normal working hours.  This email is to provide some clarification about such opportunities.
The district has purchased a program called Infinitec which provides online learning opportunities in several areas that apply to your individual jobs.  The program is being implemented during this school year and if you are a special education or Title I para, your supervising teacher will let you know, in the coming months, specific trainings that you should participate in through Infinitec outside of your work hours.  Those of you who are not directed to specific trainings are encouraged to log onto Infinitec to view the trainings available and let your supervisor know if there are any relevant to your job that you would like approval to participate in.  Trainings that have been approved by your supervisor and conducted outside of your work hours should be entered on your timesheets.  You and your supervisor should work out a plan to keep track of your professional development hours.
There may be times that you will be asked to participate in a training during your work hours.  There is no additional pay when professional development occurs within your work day.  For example, all school staff are required to take the “Bullying Basics” training on Infinitec.  In that case, all employees are expected to complete it during their regular work hours.
In addition to Infinitec training, paraprofessionals will be invited to attend professional development opportunities provided by the district’s “Learning Academy” (formerly Teacher Academy).  You are welcome to attend any of the sessions but keep in mind that your attendance will be voluntary unless your supervisor deems it to be applicable paid professional development for your position and approves it in advance.
Accessing Infinitec:

  1. Go to
  2. Click sign in
  3. Enter username and password (if you have forgotten your password, email
  4. To view available presentations, clock Online Classroom
  5. Scroll down
  6. Next to Resource, click dropdown arrow
  7. Choose area (i.e. Behavior)
  8. See available training videos


Contact: Linda Coury