Terri Helland, RN, LSN                                         
Office: West High School  
Phone: 207-3913
Responsible for: Bridges, Futures, Monroe, and West High School                          

Kim Peterson, RN, LSN
Office: East High School
Phone: 207-3730
Responsible for: Franklin, Kennedy, and East High School

Gloria Heidemann, RN, LSN
Office: Prairie Winds Middle School
Phone: 207-6027
Responsible for: Prairie Winds Middle School, Central, Eagle Lake, Washington, 
Central High School and Early Childhood

Julie Carroll, RN, LSN
Office: Dakota Meadows Middle School
Phone: 507-207-3287  Email:
Responsible for: Dakota Meadows Middle School, Early Childhood, Jefferson,and Hoover

Heather Hedin, RN, LSN
Office: Rosa Parks Elementary
Phone: 507-207-5803 
Responsible for: Rosa Parks, Roosevelt, and Non-Public Schools