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Elementary Services Overview

Mankato Area Public Schools offer a variety of elementary services for academically talented students (see chart below). Starting in grade 3, academically talented students are identified and placed in math and reading cluster classrooms where they receive differentiated, advanced programming in that academic area. The size of the group varies depending upon the size of the school and the number of district-identified cluster students at that grade level.

The district uses the Response to Intervention (RtI) framework on a daily basis to meet the individualized learning needs of academically talented students. Many times, people associate interventions with struggling students. However, interventions also apply to students who are academically talented. The RtI model allows students the following educational benefits:

  • Student grouping by readiness
  • Accelerated pace
  • Greater complexity in meeting standards
  • Opportunities for complex, critical, and creative thought
  • Engagement with complex and challenging resources, tasks, and applications
  • Increased independence
  • Expanded student choice

This approach leads to increased:

  • Understanding and learning
  • Motivation and engagement
  • Independent and collaborative problem-solving skills

The following chart overviews the variety of services available for high ability elementary services. For more information, you can also look at the Talent Development Handbook.

Elementary RtI Levels of Service

Tier 1: All Students tier 2: Some high ability students tier 3: few high ability students

All-Day Kindergarten

Elementary cluster grouping in grades 3-5

Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Instructional Coaching Support

Standards compaction and acceleration

Subject Acceleration

Career and College Readiness Preparation K-5

Rising Scholars Program in grades 3-5

Grade Acceleration

Differentiated Instruction K-5

Academic challenge competitions and events in reading, math, and science

Independent Study

Response to Intervention Time, which is in addition to core instruction with students working at their individualized level of need

Enrichment activities K-2    
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