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Open Enrollment

What is Open Enrollment?

It is the option for parents to have their child attend another school outside of their resident school district.
Example: A family that lives in another school district like St Clair School District that has a child in kindergarten through 12th grade may apply for Open Enrollment for their child to attend Mankato Area Public Schools. 

Applications must be sent to the nonresident district by January 15 in order to enroll beginning the following school year. Or, if the student, family or parent moved into the resident district on or later than December 1.

A nonresident agreement form is used when an open enrollment cannot be used. A nonresident agreement is first signed by the resident district and then by the district the student wishes to attend.

When you complete the open enrollment application, you are applying to the District, not a particular school or program. You will have the opportunity to include your top three choices on the form - for kindergarten, please include your top 3 building and language choices. These will be taken into consideration and you will be notified of available building/program by email.

The two fillable forms below are either to be printed or downloaded to be filled out. Once completed, please email the form to

Open Enrollment Form (Use this form for grades K-12 and Early Childhood Special Education)
Non Resident Agreement Form

Return all forms to the Central Registration office. Once approved by the district, you will complete the same forms as a resident. Please see Resident Registration.

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