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Attendance Exception

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What are attendance exceptions?

2021-22 Attendance Exception forms are now being accepted. Please email form to by the April 1st deadline.

Attendance exceptions are for those families that live within the School District boundaries and would like their child to attend another school outside their neighborhood attendance area based on the following criteria.

Exceptions to attendance area for Mankato Area Public Schools are based on the School Board Policy 622School board policy criteria are as follows:

  • Change in residence (family moves during the school year)
  • Daycare resides in another attendance area 
  • Legal matter

Transfer of Students and Attendance Exception Guidelines

  1. All transfer students and attendance exception requests will be reviewed and approved according to School Board Policy 622. 

  2. Applications for attendance exceptions must be made by April 1.  The designee may approve exceptions at other times if extenuating circumstances exist. 

  3. Attendance exceptions are approved on a one-year basis only.  Application must be filed yearly.

  4. Only after an impact review of each proposed attendance exception on current and projected class size and building projected enrollments will any attendance exception request be approved or denied.

  5. Students who are granted an attendance exception must:

a.) make satisfactory academic progress.
b.) maintain their behavior in accordance with the school’s behavior policy.
c.) maintain regular daily attendance.

  1. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for providing transportation to and from school for all students who have been granted an attendance exception.  Students granted attendance exceptions must arrive at school and be picked up from school according to the individual school’s schedule.  The only exception may be for childcare if the childcare provider lives in a location, which qualifies for transportation services.
  2. Students participating in athletics may be ineligible for one calendar year of varsity athletics.  See Minnesota State High School League Transfer Rule By-Law 111.
  3. In the event a student moves during a school year, that student is entitled to remain in the school presently enrolled in for the current school year if parents or guardians accept full responsibility for providing transportation to that school. NOTE: The student must enroll in the school in his/her area of residence for the following school year unless an attendance exception request is approved.
  4. Anticipation of a change of residence is not sufficient proof to change school enrollment.  Proof of actual rental or construction of a new residence with definite moving dates must be presented to the school district for consideration.
  5. Requests for attendance exceptions due to childcare may be approved for K-5 students if adequate space is available. * It is important to note that attendance exceptions for daycare purposes will be not be honored after 5th grade.
  6. If there is a legal matter that may require a student to attend school outside of his or her attendance area school, a copy of the necessary documentation must be attached to the form.​

2021-22 Application   Click here to download fillable form



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