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American Indian Education

American Indian Education Programming provides services to students, parents and families. American Indian Education Aid is administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. MAPS American Indian Program goals and initiatives are created in collaboration with the American Indian Parent Advisory Committee (AIPAC).  The goal is to provide meaningful, intentional, effective academic/non academic services and opportunities to every MAPS American Indian student, while fostering cultural identity and pride.  In addition, we provide education and professional development to MAPS staff.


The American Indian Education Program provides services to students, parents, and families. All services are supplemental to existing services or are services not provided by another school program.

  • Support postsecondary preparation for pupils

  • Support the academic achievement of American Indian students

  • Make curriculum relevant to the needs, interests, and cultural heritage of American Indian pupils

  • Provide positive reinforcement of the self-image of American Indian pupils

  • Develop intercultural awareness among pupils, parents and staff


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Department of Teaching & Learning
American Indian Education

Jocie DeSutter, Student Support Coordinator
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Elaine Hardwick, American Indian Liaison