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Achievement and Integration

Mankato Area Public Schools is eligible to participate in the Achievement and Integration for Minnesota program established to close Minnesota's academic achievement and opportunity gap. The District Achievement and Integration Plan for 2019-2022 has been reviewed and approved by the Minnesota Department of Education. 

The purpose of this program is to pursue racial and economic integration, increase student achievement, and reduce academic disparities in Minnesota's public schools.


  • Innovative and Integrated Pre-K Learning Environments
  • Increase Culturally Relevant Teaching Practices
  • Increase Education Career Pathway Opportunities
  • Expand Access to Career and College Pathways
  1. Increase the percentage of students of color and those who qualify for Free and Reduced Priced Lunch (FRPL) enrolled in a Parent Aware certified program
  2. Increase the percent of All students that meet or exceed on the 3rd-grade Reading MCA (MN Comprehensive Assessment) 
  3. Increase the percent of ALL students in each student group that participate in a teacher career pathway in grade 8 
  4. Increase the percent of students of color and FRPL enrolled in integration career pathway activities
  • Scholarships and transportation for Parent Aware Certified Early Learning environments.
  • Licensed Reading teacher for early learning to bridge community partnerships.
  • Southern MN Children’s Museum memberships for students from racially and economically diverse backgrounds.
  • Home visiting program (Liaisons) to facilitate communication, build trust, and assist with building-wide initiatives to support students, teachers, and families.
  • Mentor/access/equity trained teacher-coaches at each K-5 building to support teachers with culturally-relevant best practices.
  • Partner with Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU,M) to train teachers in New Teacher Center model to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Develop and train Parent Coaches from diverse ethnic, racial and economic backgrounds as a link between parents and early learning/K-5 buildings.
  • Expand Career and College Pathways.
  • Transportation for College and Career Pathway activities.
  • Participate in a inter-district Youth Leadership and Dialogue Exchange Program to increase student integration, build leadership skills, and develop deeper connections with peers.

Key Indicators of Progress

  • Increase in enrollment in Pre-K programming.
  • Decrease disparity in discipline referrals by student group.
  • Increase in percentage of students reading on grade level by 3rd grade.
  • Increase in percentage of all students of color and FRPL who graduate in 4 yrs.
  • Increase in student attendance among students of color and FRPL.
  • Increase student participation in Teacher Cadet program.
  • Increase in percentage of staff reflecting student population.
  • Increase in family engagement in Family Academy.
  • Increase student participation in Career Pathways programming.
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Achievement and Integration 
Jessica O'Brien, Coordinator
10 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 3
Mankato, Minnesota 56001


For more information on Minnesota's Achievement and Integration Program visit the MDE Achievement and Integration website.