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RtI for Families

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"The way schools care about children is reflected in the way schools care about the children's families.

If educators view children simply as students, they are likely to see the family as separate from the school.  That is, the family is expected to do its job and leave the education of children to the schools.

If educators view the students as children, they are likely to see both the family and community as partners with the school in children's education and development.  Partners recognize their shared interest in and responsibilities for children, and they work together to create better programs and opportunities for students."  Dr. Joyce Epstein, "Caring for the Children We Share"  

Families share a common dream - success for our children!  Success will be different for every child because of their individuality and unique gifts and needs.  We want every child to learn and grow.  We want our children to have healthy, positive, caring experiences in our schools and we want them to grow-up to become capable adults who contribute and participate in their communities.  When the adults in their lives (family, educators, and others) work together and form strong partnerships, our children get the most out of every learning experience.

Mankato Area Public Schools recognizes that families are critical partners in the effective implementation of RtI.  As our school district works to implement the RtI framework to support all students in their learning, parents/guardians need to understand the essential components of RtI and the roles they play in supporting their child's success.

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