Assuring learning excellence and readiness for a changing world



Response to Intervention (RTI)

Response to Intervention

Mankato Area Public Schools is committed to supporting all students in their learning by Assuring learning excellence and readiness for a changing world. Mankato Area Public Schools recognizes that the work of schools affects the lives of thousands of children and young people every day who will be the leaders of tomorrow.   As a result, the accountability for our schools to provide high quality instruction for all children is increasing.  High quality instruction is about discovering what works for each child and putting it into action!  We can make a difference for our children by doing things differently!  Schools can't do this alone.  Families and school staff must work together to make informed, data-based decisions to plan quality programs for every child in every school.  

Our understanding of what students need to be successful, combined with our commitment to ensuring that all student learn at high levels, has led Mankato Area Public Schools to adopt an RtI Framework.  RtI is a systematic framework to assure growth for all students.  It utilizes multi-tiered supports for academics and behavior, and is driven by data within the context of a preventative problem-solving process.  Though there is no single, thoroughly researched and widely practiced "model" of the RtI process, it is generally defined as a three-tier model of a school's supports that uses research-based academic and behavior interventions to ensure the learning and growth of all students.

Research shows that student success is linked to the degree to which academic and behavioral systems are in place for all students.  Mankato Area Public Schools has developed an integrated support system based the logic of the three-tier model applied to both behavioral and academic systems.  

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