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Paraprofessional Welcome

Welcome! As you begin your role with Mankato Area Public Schools, there are a number of Professional Development sessions that are required prior to first stepping into your new position. We have streamlined these sessions in an online format and hope you find them both informational and engaging. These should not take more than four hours. All trainings are housed in a system called Infinitec which allows you to watch a video and take a quiz to demonstrate learning. You must pass the quiz in order to get credit for the training.
Click here to access Infinitec or look for it on your OMNI PORTAL 

The Paraprofessional and Student Success: Four Corners of Super Para Status

1 hr

Mandated Reporting

.5 hr

Privacy in Education: Understanding FERPA and HIPPA

.75 hr

Bullying Basics

.5 hr

Bloodborne Pathogens 

.5 hr

 *Some Special Education Paras will also need to complete the Third Party Billing training as well.  If you need to complete the Third Party Billing Training for your position you will be invited to do so by a supervisor.


Professional Development Coordinator
Sarah Morrison
10 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 1
Mankato, Minnesota 56001