Committed to working together equitably, so that each learner has the knowledge and skills to be a successful and contributing citizen in a diverse global society.



Elementary Curriculum

Mankato Area Public Schools' elementary experience provides a foundation for learning for all students.  Beginning in kindergarten, students learn a wide variety of skills necessary to give students options for life. We focus on foundational skills in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. In addition, art, music, physical education and health, and media and technology play an important role in our students' ability to think creatively, globally, and in a healthy manner.  Our staff works to ensure that all students learn at high levels and meet their fullest potential. 

K-5 Literacy
K-5 Literacy Plan

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Department of Teaching & Learning
Dr. Tania Lyon, Academic Standards & Talent Development Coordinator
10 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 3
Mankato, Minnesota 56001