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Career and College Readiness

What is Career & College Readiness?

Career & College Readiness is a concept that begins as early as elementary school to help students understand, explore, plan and prepare for a world beyond high school.  Starting with a plan that connects learning and life to discover personal strengths through exploration of career and college opportunities. Our goal is that every student who leaves the doors of Mankato Public Schools is equipped with 21st Century Skills that will enable them to be successful in their futures.

MAPS Students are READY!

To be career- and college-ready, means a high school graduate has the knowledge, skills, and competencies to pursue a career pathway including postsecondary credit leading to a degree, diploma, certificate, or industry-recognized credential and employment.

Career Fields, Clusters, and Pathways

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Pathways Overview

Ag, Food & Nat. Resources

Education Pathway

Business Pathway



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Naviance Student is a web-based tool for college and career readiness available to MAPS students in grades 6-12. Through Naviance, students are able to take interest/strength assessments, explore colleges and careers, request transcripts and letters of recommendation, and search for scholarships.

  • Students can access Naviance Student via phone, tablet, chromebook, or computer.
  • Parents can access Naviance using their students credentials (found on the Infinite Campus parent portal) to view all scholarships and explore the site, or with their student's credentials to see individual assessments, interests, and readiness indicators. Select "Login via Clever" option > Student Login.

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Minnesota’s Vision of Career and College Readiness (CCR)

In March 2016, the Office of Career and College Success, in collaboration with the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest and the Midwest Comprehensive Center (MWCC), brought together a group of stakeholders to articulate what career and college readiness means for Minnesota students. Embracing a well-rounded view of education is needed to drive educational and workforce goals and policies. Taking many perspectives into consideration, along with stakeholder feedback, this holistic vision of career and college readiness was developed:

A sufficiently prepared student is one who has the knowledge, skills, mindset, and experiences in the academic, workplace, and personal/social domains to keep learning and, beyond secondary school, to successfully navigate toward and adapt to an economically viable career. 

- Minnesota Department of Education, 2018

Research shows that the progress a child makes toward post-secondary and career readiness by 8th grade is critical to their future success.  Mankato Public Schools offers a multi-dimensional approach to help students develop plans, explore careers, and develop knowledge and skills to accomplish their goals. 

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