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INSITE is located in the center of Mankato with access to a wide range of supportive employment opportunities. The INSITE program is designed to offer students an independent living environment (kitchen, bathroom, living space, and bedroom), and classroom environment to expand on their functional academic skills (e.g., employment skills, money management, daily living, etc.) as well as access to community work partnerships.

INSITE offers students ages 18-21 an environment that is a living training center with 100% focus on transition skills for students with disabilities. INSITE is a post-high school special education transition program available to students in Mankato Area Public Schools and surrounding Districts as determined by Individual Education Plan (IEP) teams. As an extension of traditional high school coursework, the INSITE program focuses on supporting student progress on individualized transition goals.

While attending INSITE, the goal is to bring students to a level of proficiency and self-sufficiency in areas of transition skills and meet individual student needs in a way that is unique to a traditional classroom environment.

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