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Student Support Services

Mankato Area Public Schools provides comprehensive programs and a wide range of services for students Birth-21. Most students receive services in their neighborhood school and when possible in their regular class setting. Student well-being is a priority and we have systems in place that will address individual student needs and provide support and resources for our families.


We work collaboratively with staff, students and families, to provide the best support and services that will enable students to grow and find success in the Least Restrictive Environment.


The Student Support Services Department provides a framework of assistance, support, and leadership in the programs and services which support the academic, social, behavioral, and emotional development of all students as well as direct support to school sites for resources and programs as needs arise.

The Student Support Services Department works to build connections between home and school especially when parents need help in understanding their child’s education and support needs. Our greatest potential for success lies in our cooperative and collaborative efforts with our parents, students, and our school and community resources and agencies that aid us in meeting the individual needs of all students.

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Student Support Services
Scott Hare, Director
10 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 3
Mankato, Minnesota  56001
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