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Here are the folks that keep your site sparkling clean and help when you need a hand.

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Scott Hogen ~ Director of Facilities
Jan Lundquist ~ Administrative Assistant 
Dwight Petty ~ East HS Construction Manager




Custodial Staff

Bridges Community School    Phone: 387-2800
James Meagher - Head Custodian
Will Robinson

Dakota Meadows Middle School   Phone: 387-5077 
Chris Carlson - Head Custodian
Tonia Kortuem
Dan Nelson - Night Lead
Marian Omar
Toni Peterson
Jackie Caya

Eagle Lake    Phone: 257-3530
Terry Peterson - Head Custodian
Zach Gabrielson
Wesley Lutter

East High School    Phone: 387-5671

William Wakefield - Head Custodian
Millie Daufenbach (Laundry)
Erick Raygor
Leon Holmin
Matt King
Dave Reed
Tom Leonard
Jon Zarn 
Family Learning Center
Jon Hermanson

Franklin   Phone: 345-4287
Zachary Kahmann - Head Custodian
Dan Frederick
Doug Holt
Brianna Klugherz
Cole Johnson

Hoover    Phone: 388-5202
Alex Bahr - Head Custodian
Grace Benzkofer
Maryan Mohamed

Jefferson    Phone: 388-5480
Bill Anderson - Head Custodian

Beth Benzkofer

Kennedy    Phone: 387-2122
Kevin Schirmers - Head Custodian

Kendell Belcher

Anthony Monnens
Lincoln CC    Phone: 387-5501
Asher Giersdorf - Head Custodian
Seth Meyer
Khadija Abdirahman

Monroe    Phone: 387-7889
Brad Eggersdorfer - Head Custodian
Charles Risser
Ross Ewert 

Prairie Winds Middle School    Phone: 345-6625
Steve Matthes - Head Custodian
​Greg Thompson - Night Lead
Sabah Yahya
Mike McMahon
Jack Parsley
Matt Schroeder

Roosevelt    Phone: 345-4285
Tim Klugherz - Head Custodian
Doug Pearson
Julie Mueller

Rosa Parks     Phone: 387-7672
Jason Hiniker - Head Custodian

Zubeyda Abdirahman
Rex Sparks
Brian Mork
Deb Szymanski

Washington   Phone: 345-3059
Pat McCall - Head Custodian
Jeff Rodriquez
​Mark McCarthy

West High School    Phone: 387-3461 
Ron Flynn - Head Custodian
Dawn Stolp (Laundry)
Wayne Johnson
Jesse DeWitte - Night Lead
Tom Anderson
Tyler Anderson
Dan Mueller
Matt Hemish​


West Sr. High School Maintenance  387-3461
Paul Willaert - Engineer Manager
Charlie Smoldt - General Maintenance
Steve George - General Maintenance
Travis Roemhildt - Master Electrician
Gary Hager - District Carpenter
Chris Boswell - District Carpenter

East Sr. High School Maintenance   387-5671
Kevin Hermanson - Engineer Manager
Brad Oleson - General Maintenance                    
Brian Patterson - General Maintenance

Dakota Meadows Maintenance   387-5077
John Probach - Engineer Manager

Prairie Winds Middle School Maintenance
Don Enter - Engineer Manager

Delivery and Grounds Staff

Food Service & Delivery
Dave Boomgarden - District Wide Delivery

Grounds Staff
Peter Maiers - Grounds Manager
Jonathan Franz - District Grounds

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