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Professional Development

The purpose of Educational Technology Training is to transform teaching and learning at Mankato Area Public Schools. We hope to empower students to build stronger connections with their peers, educators, communities and the world. Today’s rapidly changing world demands that MAPS students graduate from high school as thinkers, collaborators, innovators and problem solvers equipped with the necessary skills to contribute to and compete in our changing global society. 

People learning at a training with computers

MAPS has acknowledged that to do this effectively, teachers and administrators must embrace the use of technology tools and embed digital skills, digital citizenship and technological literacy into our classrooms.

Educational Technology Training commits itself to the infrastructure framework and professional development support to transform the instructional delivery of content, information and resources in our schools. Teachers will become facilitators of the critical thinking and diverse learning experiences needed to develop for college and career readiness through the integration of technology tools. MAPS also understands that technology is not integrated for the sake of technology but for the beneficial teaching and learning strategies that are accessible because of the technology to which we have access. 

Educational Technology Training strives to:

  • Increase student engagement and productivity through personalized learning and equal access to technology.
  • Extend and expand learning beyond the school day; anytime anywhere learning.
  • Provide authentic and relevant learning experiences.
  • Increase skill development in collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, digital literacy and global awareness.
  • Improve the ability for students to produce, create, and share original work in multiple formats.
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Educational Technology & Information Services
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