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Bus Transportation

Mankato Area Public Schools provides transportation services for public and non public students in the district. Non public students in each service area are transported to and from their respective schools. In order to be eligible for transportation, students in grades K-5 must reside 1 mile or more from their school of attendance and students in grades 6-12 must reside 2 miles or more from their school of attendance, and all students must live within the attendance boundary of the school they attend.  Students must register for, and receive, a bus pass before they can ride the bus.  Students who are not eligible for transportation may have the option to contract privately for their busing needs directly with the bus contractor that serves their area.


Bus Companies

For more information, contact the bus company that serves your area, or you may contact the Mankato Area Public Schools' Transportation Office.  

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Regular Education Busing
Transportation Office
Tricia Ries


Special Education Busing
Special Education Office
Kate Blanck

10 Civic Center Plaza
PO Box 8741
Mankato, MN 56002-8741


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