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Weather Related Information

School closing and early dismissal notices will be provided on the following websites, radio and television stations, or you can call the District HELP Line at 507-386-4777 for a recorded message.

  • KMSU
  • KEYC 12 - TV
  • KXAC
  • KRBI
  • KARE 11-TV
  • KYSM-AM and FM
  • KMKO
  • WCCO Radio and TV
  • KATO
  • KRRW
  • FOX 9/MY29-TV

You can also obtain information through the following resources:

  • Subscribe on Twitter @ISD77MAPS
  • Follow on Facebook at: Mankato Area Public Schools
  • Subscribe to receive emails at; click on the “News”; click "Bell symbol"

The following guidelines may be helpful to parents/guardians:

  • Given the severity of conditions, parents may wish to meet the bus at the bus stop.
  • Families should have an alternate plan in the event buses are unable to return students to their homes.
  • Students should always be appropriately dressed for the weather as emergencies may result in dangerous situations.
  • Principals will excuse those students whose parents/guardians request to pick up their child(ren) early. Please do not park in bus loading zones or block bus entrances or exits, as the buses must move quickly.
  • On inclement weather days when the District decides to have school, parents and guardians should make the final decision as to whether their child(ren) should attempt to attend school. If you do not send your child(ren), please call the school(s) to report the absence. A student who is not in school will be excused but marked as absent. Students will be expected to make up any missed school work. 

Weather Related Information Letter - English
Weather Related Information Letter - Arabic
Weather Related Information Letter - Somali
Weather Related Information Letter - Spanish


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