Committed to working together equitably, so that each learner has the knowledge and skills to be a successful and contributing citizen in a diverse global society.




Mankato Area Public Schools' newsletter is published to share school news with parents and guardians. Click an image below to view the full version of the newsletter.
First page of the PDF file: LetterFinanceAwardetc

Letter from the Superintendent, Finance Award, etc. 

First page of the PDF file: NewLeadersinMAPS

New Leaders in MAPS

First page of the PDF file: Donations

Gifts and Grants

First page of the PDF file: donations2

Gifts and Grants (Continued)

First page of the PDF file: Donations3

Gifts and Grants (Continued)

First page of the PDF file: FacilitiesUpdate

Gifts and Grants (Continued), Facilities Update

First page of the PDF file: EducationforallRighttoKnowetc

Education for all, Right to Know and Private Vs. Public Rights

First page of the PDF file: PrivateVsPublicetc2

Private vs. Public Rights (Continued) and Religious Observance Accommodation

Focus newsletter 2020 page 1

Letter from the Superintendent

Focus newsletter 2020 page 2
  • Preparing for students to come back to school
  • Bus rules puts safety first

Transportation enhancement outlines for fall launch

Have a heart, let's do our part

  • New multi-process welders expand student opportunities in welding labs
  • Mankato Area Public Schools' meal information


Focus newsletter 2020 page 7

Leadership (continued)

  • Leadership (continued)
  • Stay informed - subscribe to district news and events
focus newsletter 2020 page 9
  • Planning for the future to help students succeed
  • Educare awards $76,233 in Educator Initiative Grants to Mankato Area Public Schools
focus newsletter 2020 page 10

Private vs. public information - important to know

focus newsletter 2020 page 11

School safety is a priority

focus newsletter 2020 page 12

2020-2021 student calendar

focus newsletter 2020 page 13


focus newsletter 2020 page 14
  • Check your student's progress in real time
  • How to find Mankato Area Public Schools' attendance areas
focus newsletter 2020 page 15
  • Special education services helping students be successful 
  • Follow Mankato Area Public Schools on social media
focus newsletter 2020 page 16
  • Health services helps start the year off right
  • Editorial information
  • Mankato Area Public Schools' 24-hour school help and information line
focus newsletter 2020 page 17
  • Education for all
  • Right to know
  • Accident insurance option available
focus newsletter 2020 page 18

Mankato Area Public Schools building contact information

focus newsletter 2020 page 19

Answers to frequently-asked questions about attendance exceptions and open enrollment