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READY for Kindergarten

During a child's early years, parents and caregivers play a key role in shaping language, literacy, math, and social-emotional skills. Active engagement of families and caregivers is the most effective way to make those critical developmental years count.

READY! for Kindergarten, a curriculum provided in community and corporate settings, provides materials and tools, to inspire and empower parents and caregivers to help babies and young children develop strong brain connections that determine how they will think, learn and grow. READY! facilitates interactions and active learning by using movement, play, exploration, communication and all of a child’s senses - seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting.

The READY! for Kindergarten curriculum is designed around 26 Age Level Targets©, or measurable skills, that most highly correlate to success in school. These research-based targets were developed by early learning experts, working closely with families, scientists and educators during a seven-year span. Caregivers use these targets to guide children toward developmental milestones in language, literacy, math, and social and emotional skills that a typical child must have by the time he or she begins kindergarten. The targets, grouped by age from birth to age 5, encourage active learning by using movement, play, exploration, communication and all of a child's senses.

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