Committee/School Assignments

  2018 Committees School Assignments
through 6-30-18
Judi Brandon
Senior High Student Advisory Council Facilitator
Central Freedom School Fundraising Committee
Finance Committee
GMG Financial Advisory Committee
East Senior High School
Washington Elementary School

Darren Wacker
Middle School Student Advisory Council Facilitator
Community Services Advisory Committee
Negotiations (food service)

Central High School
Franklin Elementary School
Bridges Community School

Sara Hansen
Legislative Committee
Finance Committee
GMG Financial Advisory Committee
Sick Leave Bank
Negotiations (custodians)
West Senior High School
Roosevelt Elementary School

Ann Hendricks
Meet and Confer Committee
Legislative Committee
MSHSL Representative
MSBA Delegate Assembly (elected)
Hoover Elementary School
Rosa Parks Elementary School

Abdi Sabrie
Policy Committee
Special Education Parent Advisory Council
Transportation Committee

Negotiations (paraprofessionals)
Prairie Winds Middle School
Jefferson Elementary School
Eagle Lake Elementary School

Jodi Sapp
Policy Committee
Meet and Confer
South Central Service Cooperative Board (elected)
MSDLAF+ Board of Trustees (elected)
MSBA Delegate
Assembly (elected)
Central Freedom School
Kennedy Elementary School

Student Support Services Center
Kristi Schuck
Wellness Committee
Citizens Energy Advisory Committee
Transportation Committee
Negotiations (secretaries)
Dakota Meadows Middle School
Monroe Elementary School


Contact: Barb Macrafic